Sierra Nevada (zyzzyx) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Sierra Nevada

hi again, everyone :)
so i took out my little dread. :(
only cause my mom made me since my
boyfriend was visiting and she wanted me
to look "pretty" for him 0_o
but i told her "if i take it out you have
to promise me you'll buy me a new set"
so she agreed but i really don't want to
get them professionally done
because i don't trust people
i don't know with my hair.

my friend that says he'll help me put dreads in
is procrastinating with helping me because
he hates dreads and doesn't really want to do it.
and the only person willing to do it is my best friend
and she lives up north. i don't know what to dooo.
either way i'll be doing it very soon within the next
couple of weeks. whether i do it myself or bother someone
to help me. ooor i just thought of something, i'm going
up north to washington soon. maybe if you[lish] aren't
busy... you could help me out? :)

anyway, i met this really cool guy when i was at venice beach.
i bought a head wrap from him that he made himself.
he had dreads and they were 8 years old. they were adorable.

okay i'm sorry for rambling and sorry i have no pictures.
i would but i don't have any dreads to show you guysss. :(
soon though. =D
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