Kieran (walklikethunder) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

completely random.

this weekend was an adventure!

Thursday it was WINDY!

i lost all my scarfs but this one. how do i lose EVERYTHING?

this is my FAVORITE view. it's right by my house. i stopped on the hill to take it. pictures don't do it justice. YEA PA!

i drove to new jersey after going to the apple store (my laptop charger committed suicide!!) i bought an apple at whole foods and sat in the lobby of the museum my friend works at. it's the same whole foods stephen colbert shops at, which sort of made my life.

AND I BOUGHT MY FAVORITE DRINK EVER. this time it was the mango flavor. any other addicts in the house? see the glaze in my eyes? srsly!

one of my best friends ever who moved to san diego was really sad, and i was trying to cheer her up by sending her this picture.

my friend who i was visiting played with my locks for HOURS. i feel like she made them look super.

then i showered when i got home because i bought a knotty boy shampoo bar.
sheesh it smells DELISH.
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