Miranda (randi_h) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


oh my.
this guy has come into work for the past few nights. i never have paid attention to what hes buying, but he has the most gorgeous dreads ive ever seen in real life.. i want to just marry him/his dreads. lol.
i dont know.. im a dork. but its fun.

oh, im also having some problems with my job still. ive been talking to anotehr girl at work who has dreads. she's never had anyone say anything to her about having dreads at work. she's from africa, and has had them since she started there. im caucasian and just starting my locks. She thinks its great, but the people "above" us at work have been giving me shit about it. i dont know, makes me feel crappy..
damn my job
well, here ya go
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