Starving Perfection (leakyfishbowl) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Starving Perfection

Excited. Ready? True story of just nowness-

I found a wooden bead. I decided to put it in my hair because lately I feel as though my dreads are lacking in decor. The hole in the bead, though rather large, didnt really fit any my dreads, so I decdied to dig around to where my undercut was when I started this second set because the dreads down there are pretty skinny. Holy shit. Theyre freaking long.

I had my boyfriend dread my undercut via rip twist when the hair was about 4", back in the beginning of July. So they started out as two inch long dread nubs.

Thats how long they are 8 months later. Im so excited. I dont ever see them, so I ddint realize just how long they had actually gotten.

I've been really happy with my dreads lately. Aside from how much the feeling of loose hair around my ears and the nape of my neck bothers me, theyve been looking so great lately, and Im so happy. Theyre also growing too. Theyre past my shoulders now, which Im so excited about. Part of the reasons that dreads appealed to me so much because Ive never been able to grow long hair. My hair was always so thin and fine that once it got past my shoulders it would start to thin out and look ragged and gross. But with dreads Ill be able to have long hair, long fabulous flowing dreadlocks. I love them!!!

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