Joey (hazy_daze) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

1 one last question .. i've been researching dreads pretty heavily the past couple of days and have even found some reputable salons that specialize in dreads (though extremely expensive) but the main concern and the main reason why I'm still scared to go ahead with it is the fact that once I'm bored with my dreads or I'm ready to take them out, I'll have to cut them out. Do you have to cut them extremely short, like close to your scalp? Or is it possible to just cut the actual dreads fairly short, like chin level let's say and then just condition them lots and soak them lots until they gradually start to come out? I just won't be comfortable having extremely short hair once they have to come out .. I've never had hair shorter then my shoulders before. Anyone had to cut them out or anyone have any suggestions?
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