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4 weeks


My dreadies are 1 month today.

I rarely even wear makeup but I found a brand-new-ultra-huge makeup case in my mom's bathroom tonight and I wanted to play around with it... Yeah, I went a tad over board with the blush :P

hello :D

top of my head!

Oh, the back is so amazing <3

I love them so much and I'm so very excited that I finally have them. I also have grown to love my natural hair color and I can't imagine why I dyed it so dark for so many years...

My mom keeps asking me if I miss brushing my hair every time she sees me scratch my head, but shes generally nice about it. She is making me pin them up for my brothers wedding though and She said she wasn't going to sit next to me if I look like an orphan.

My daddy said he didn't like it once, and has left it at that. He's definitely not one to tell his kids what to do. He loves how different we all are and accepts me every time I do something out of the ordinary.. I was sitting on the floor in front of him last night and I caught him playing with them... my daddy is really great.

My step dad says that the back of my head looks like Bigfoot's ass.. (whatever that means) He's generally the type that makes fun of EVERYTHING.. so I expected this from him.

My brothers are both pretty cool, the oldest thinks they are strange, (he's a white cholo gang banger. nicknamed Casper. who's the strange one dude?) but generally isn't one to blast me for what I do/don't do. The other one thinks that are ugly since they are short and messy and can't wait until they are long. He was making fun of me the other day and his lady stood up for me. I didn't bother because he usually just makes me angry because he doesn't stop... She said that she thought they were beautiful and was proud of me for doing something out of the ordinary. Where we live image is everything, and dreads def. aren't the image people around here think is beautiful.

One of my "adopted" moms (she's British, they are always so thruthy) told me I look like shit and no one in their right mind is going to hire me. I expected nothing less but this statement and told her that I would find a job that suited me and a job that suits me is one that doesn't think my hair is the most important aspect of me. I had that one planned for her. Her son walked in and said "WOAH RAD DREADS!" She didn't say anything else. :)

My other adopted mom asked a million questions because she's super in to looks and what people think, so is her daughter, my oldest friend. They both said that this style suited my personality and it was really fun to talk to them about it. Even thought I'm sure after I left they talked some shit amongst themselves. That's just how they are.

For the friends that said "ew! you can't wash your hair." I made them smell it, touch it, all that jazz... they were shocked that I wasn't grimy and that they were soft and not sticky.

I expected more people out in public to make comments, but I've come to the conclusion that no one in Orange County talks to strangers. boo! I ride the bus daily, and not even one person has talked to me about them. LAME.
One of the reasons I got dreads was so that I would stand out and attract strangers to talk to me.. I'm really shy so I hoped that it would work.. sooner or later I'm sure. :P

I want to say thanks for making this community what it is... inspirational, informative, friendly, and beautiful. You guys really rock..

xxooooxx Cody
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