lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

my expert opinion on 10,000 BC.

ok. so we just saw The Dreads Movie, & it was okay. it wasn't great. it required a LOT of suspended disbelief, but ...of course the dreads required the most suspended belief for me.

number of non-dreaded people: pretty much nil
number of dreads i believed: nil

all of the heads of locks looked off in some way. many of them were twists. all looked around 2-3 months old at best, but were miraculously unfrizzy. you could see light through the dreads, which is ridiculous unless they ALL got together as a tribe & decided four months ago to start some knots. some characters had reverse coloring - meaning the actor's beard was gray, but the dreads were dark at the top & gray at the TIPS. the main character had a VERY nappy looking scalp, but all of the hair in his dreads was perfectly straight. one character towards the end went from short twisty mats very suddenly to short shiny waxy twisty mats. gross.

but it's still nice to see that many dreads in a movie, so it's interesting at least, & entertaining at best. my bottom line: see a matinee.
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