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I got this for £5 at Derby Market....

....off an afro-carb. dread stall, where the lady (bearing in mind she was not dreaded) offered to 'fix my roots' for me. Bearing in mind, I had just done them and knew perfectly well they were fine. She wanted to use a crochet hook and pull loose hair through my roots over and over. (i'm not sure if you guys call this flipping, or if I have that idea wrong?)
I said no, and she asked why.....

I basically told her the bad things it does, like making your hair look strange and snappage possibilities, that she obviously knew but didn't tell people anyway. I know this, because she looked at me strangely, and went in through the back of the stall out of sight. Plus, the shop sold allsorts of bizaare supposedly "dread-tastic" items, like, wax, and gooey shampoo and...deep conditioning, and beads that only fit the hair of barbies.

How is it that people that don't have dreads can get away with dreading/maintaining others' hair like this? Because newby dreadheads don't do their research and go to these places. In fact, a lot of Mature dreadheads have been in there too. Silly people.
Safe to say i won't go there again!

Ok. And my dreads turned 2 yrs last month, but I forgot/was busy/cant find my USB, so will upload at Easter, with my timeline of goodness.

One for the road:

Not that great a picture, but you can see a tad bit of felting going on. I later extended it half way up and is now a mishmash of rainbow colours!

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