Starving Perfection (leakyfishbowl) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Starving Perfection

Quick funny story.

Boyface and I are buying groceries tonight. We're in line at the register paying and some kid who looks about 14 but apparently works there tries to get my attention to ask me if his hair is long enough to make dreads in and he calls me ma'am. I'm 20. My goodness. Im no ma'am. The kid was sporting that terrible looking skater boy mop of hair and was surprised when I took one glance and was like "yea, your hair is plenty long enough". He tried to keep talking to me and ask me another question, but Boyface was trying to shuffle me out of the store so we could go cook dinner.

I love when people ask me about my hair.

I had some girl right as I was walking out of a bathroom stall on Thursday on my college campus shriek "ohmygod amazing hair" at me. Again, I do enjoy when people inquire about my dreads, but I had barely just gotten my pants back on and was making a move towards the sink when she got uncomfortably close to me and started bombarding me with questions.

I got called ma'am by a small child and got harassed in the bathroom. People are crazy.

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