Emma (burningemma) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Time Line!

Okay, so I'm a little bit excited because I FINALLY have a working camera after months, and my dreads have changed a hell of a lot...
so I get to do my first timeline :)

They'll be a year old on April 1st.

It's huge, sorry!

The first pics I have of my hair, at about 1 month (excuse the quality, shitty webcam styeley):

Later...around 4 months:

5 months (best bathroom mirror ever.:

Loserrrr, series of car pictures at 6 months:

6 1/2 months, right after I started to crochet the tips. The roots were having some issues, lol.

Somewhere around 7 1/2 or 8 months. They were still going a little bit nuts, but the roots were locking:

(please excuse my face. My friend Carrie said: "squinty is the new sexy" and I believe her.)

(you can't see my hair, but I love this picture. I took it in an elevator.)

And finally...really dark webcam shots! 11 months! They're finally GROWING!!

(I was checking for bald spots, lol.)

(one of my 2 felted-on purple synth. extensions.)

(my red wool-wrap with random green stripe I think my boyfriend put in there.)

(This is my soon-to-be dready boy. I will be locking his amazingly thick, black, curly hair on March 31, his 21st birthday and oddly exactly 1 day before the 1-year birthday of MY set. I'm so excited!)


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