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Interstellar Highway


Forgive me if I missed the answers to my questions in the memories, I DID look.

I had a dread hawk away ago, then chopped off the dreads on the top of my head. Shortly there after combed the dreads in the back out due to mildew. So the majority of my hair is short and buzzed, I feel I will grow it out and let it naturally dread on its own, as with the hair I have left in the back.

For the hair I have left, its very fine and soft and never tangles. Is there any way I can speed up the natural dreading process? I feel with my soft hair it will take a year(or more) before I see any knots forming. It is currently washed, yet unbrushed since early February and there isnt a single knot to be seen. I have tried salt water, and while that does good to dry my hair out, it doesn't seem to help it want to knot any more than it is doing currently.

On a side note, I kept two dreads (my sideburns) and they seem to be developing mildew, I will be trying the baking-soda suggestion mentioned in the memories. It seems my hair has a problem with mildew when dreaded, is there a way to prevent it before happening? I dont sleep on a wet head, I dont wrap my dreads when wet, I towel dry when I get out of the shower and then let them air dry. Is there something else I should be doing, or something I should be doing differently?

Thanks :)
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