r3d_r3d_r053 (r3d_r3d_r053) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

So I was talking to a friend who goes to Middle Tennessee university, and I haven't seen him since... oh last summer I guess. Apparently his hair has been getting really long, and he's thinking about cutting his hair around the end of this summer (it's regular, brushable hair) , and he's going to dye it about a week before he chops it.
Apparently, since he found out I have dreads now, he wants to mail me his hair so I can felt it into mine. So we were talking about what colors he should dye it so that I would like it too hahah.
We settled on SFX's Fishbowl and Cupcake Pink, since those are my favorites. ^_^

Let's say he chops his hair in July, then my dreads will be 6 months, and will be in good shape for adding hair I think.

I'm so excited now!


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