githsa (medicinetwelve) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

my dreads are eating eachother... hellllp

I've read the memories about ripping apart dreads that start to grow together... but it just doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

When i made my dreads I didn't read the part about removing the rubberbands from sectioning before you backcomb. So most of my roots were soft hair that was longer than it should have been.
Now they're almost 4 months old and in trouble. The hair close to my scalp is a little matted and every single one of my deads on the top of my head is connected to the others surrounding it. i've also tried ripping out the hairs that are connected to other dreads and then using a felting needle to put them back into the dread that they belong to... and i've been doing that for the past couple months, but still the problem just seems to be getting worse as my dreads are getting tighter.
i'm beginning wonder if it would be best to comb them out and start over =\

i know its very hard to see what i'm talking about in these pictures. but, my scalp isn't visible and the messyness of my dreads is only half as bad as the messyness of my roots.

These were taken today.

thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions!
you all are so amazing, and you make this community such a helpful and happy place.
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