i like liking things that no one else likes (mcpuggington) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
i like liking things that no one else likes

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tonite's photo rampage theme: harsh homework hardships!!


why is this never-ending?

still attempting to concentrate..

obviously i am not concentrating coz i am taking pix of myself! hee hee

will tha torture ever end?!

i'm about to give up!!

</p>my bumper sticker reads: "i'd rather be scratching my head!!.."

itch itch = scratch scratch

</p></p>.. or playing with my long front dreadies!!

if i pull em hard enough, will they come off?!

</p></p>*sighs* too much homework makes for an unhappy boi! time to go & read my book!!

time for reading happiness, adios!!

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