speakyword (speakyword) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Hellooo, the dreads turned 4 months old yesterday, time for a picture update

as you can see, I now have bangs... partially due to the fact that I had massive perm breakage in the front, and one of my dreads was hanging for dear life, and largely due to my love of short bangs... I err... have them! My mommy combed out 5 of my dreads, and even after cutting off about an inch and a half of the dread, the combed out hair went well past my chin. Amazing!

Here's one with a hair band/tie thingy... where did my glasses go? I don't know

my boyfriend wont take a picture of me unless my smile is acceptably big, you can see how hard it is for me...

so yeah, other than a little bit of remaining breakage which I'm waiting on growing out so I can sew it in... everything's hunky dory with them... most of the tips are locked (just a couple in the back, but they seem to be staying in well enough at the root that I don't care) they're looking pretty defined and getting nice and tight...

I think the second picture is my favourite.

here is a picture of my hair, freshly permed just before dreading... this is me as bat girl and my boyfriend, drunk vader at a halloween party

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