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Head Covering?

ok... i tried looking in the memories to answer my question, but either i suck at finding things or it isn't there. so, i apologize if i missed it. 

my dreadies are only 17 days old...which isn't very old at all, so this could just be part of the beginning. 

just for additional info...they were backcombed very tightly, no wax used, i palm roll like every day or every other, and when there are lots of loose hairs i have been sewing them back in.

when i sleep at night i keep them tightly covered so they don't move around too much and they don't get any lint. when i wake up they look like shit, like little hairs coming out all over the place. in the morning i fix them all, and they look fine all day. I'm not sure if this is normal from my moving around, even with them wrapped. or if i should just not wrap them, and deal with possible lint. - - - i do move around a ridiculous amount while i sleep. so it could just be what i am going to deal with no matter what. 

and just b/c i love my hair. and to maybe jog your memory as to who i am...
picture time...YAY!!!!


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