nicoblue (soulhaus) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

spring clippings!

holy haircut fire swirl!

i did it! the were bugging the bjesus outta me.
the long ones were so long they were a hassle just to wear down.
and primarily? that's what i do. no ponytails, buns, headbands.
but no, free little dreadies is how i like to be!
lately when i wore them loose, they'd get caught in all sorts of things - doors, my armpits, under my pillow, under dog paws (ouch!), etc. they were like dangerous little tentacles causin all sorts of grief.

so fuck them, says i!
and with my trusty
swiss knife the puck
and i went cut cut cut!

hell, they grew about 8+ inches in the past year, anyway. look at them crazy roots. heh! O.o they're only about two inches shorter than when i left on my trip!

plus.. i gave another girl my old hair 'do.
oh, oh OH so true.

and there's no need to be two girls with supah long blonde dreads in san diego.
(and i can't help but wonder how many people she may confuse... hehehehehheh)

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