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First off, I wanted to introduce myself. My name's Cole. I don't have dreads--yet. I will be starting them shortly after family portraits this spring (my mother wants to be able to do them outside and for us to all look well enough that my relatives will still speak to me... thank goodness I am in the 'cool' family), and most likely I'll be backcombing them. I've curly hair, which is neither thick nor thin (though it definately has body). I'm 18, and a freshman at my local community college.
Feel free to add me as a friend, just let me know if you do. :D

Alright, now to the real reason of my post.

I have an English class, and for which I must write a research paper. It's not something that's extremely formal. In fact, the teacher prefers to call it an "I-Search" paper, because we are basically required to research something that we as the writers are interested in, or rather, I need to write about something that I am interested in. I'm interested in dreadlocks.

My reasonings are, I would love to explore the histories of dreads, as well as present to as many people in this class as I can the wonderful things that dreads involve. I was thinking of approaching the paper in a "Myths & Facts" style. By doing this, I think that I could present the care of dreads, history, different methods... The list goes on. I also planned on using this community as a source, and would credit you all properly.

Now that you know all that, what would you like to see in a paper about dreadlocks? Anything you want to say? Focusing my paper a little further may or may not be a good idea, but I'm completely open for suggestions.

Also, if anyone wants to peer edit it, or simply receive a final copy of it, I would be more than willing to email it your way. [:

Thanks for your time!

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