Emma (burningemma) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Anybody want purple extensions?

So I have these purple synth hair I dreaded up. I only used like two of them, so I've got quite a few. I was wondering if anyone would want to trade me for some? I'm pretty much set on weird colors in my hair, so I was thinking beads or misc. nifty things. If you just really want one I'll still send it to you regardless, but I thought I'd see if I could strike a good deal somehow :)

My stupid webcam doesn't do the color justice, but at least you get an idea.

It's not an "electric" purple...more of like a cornflower purple? If that's even possible. Either way, they felted in easily to my hair, the tips were almost automatically locked tight, and after the initial felting I haven't had to do a damn thing for them. I'd say they're roughly three inches long. Great for convenient pony tails without hair ties:
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