melissa (xsourkittenx) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

once a dreadhead...always a dreadhead

its been a very very long time since i posted here. i cut off my first set of dreads for various reasons (
the biggest reason and ultimately the deciding factor was that they carried a lot of bad energy. i started my first set of dreads because of someone i despised. there was a lot of anger in those dreads, and over the years i moved on. so i cut those dreads because i didnt want to carry around that bad energy anymore (the post linked above explains).

anyway. i recently decided to dread my hair again, but for better and more positive reasons. now i have dreads because they make me feel beautiful, free, and natural. i hardly use any products. i use a sea salt based shampoo, and sometimes i palm roll them with shea butter. i'm not against using wax, i still have my tub from my first set of dreads...but i find the shea butter works really well.

i've had them since november and they are forming nicely. the sectioning this time is TINY (each is about the size of a dime). i think i have well over 100 dreads, but i havent counted yet.

the ones in the front are fake, because my bangs are too short to dread yet. so i threw in a few synthetic ones until the hair is long enough.
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