Lost at Sea (metallicaangel) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Lost at Sea

Being dreaded as we speak!

When I was about 5 or 6 years old, I remember seeing one of the most beautiful women in the world. I'd gone to the grocery store with my grandmother, and as Gramma picked through green apples, I stared at the woman who was gently placing oranges into a plastic bag. She was pregnant, wearing a brown tee shirt stretched over her round belly. She wore a black skirt, with brown sandals. I don't remember what the design on the tee shirt is, but I do remember that she had rich brown eyes, skin the color of milk chocolate and little pieces of mirror fragments sewn down her thick dark locks. I tugged at my grandmother's shirt, pointed at the lady, and said I wanted hair like that. My hand was gently swatted, and she told me not to point. When our cart had been pushed away, Gramma told me that I couldn't have hair like that, but that when we got home, she'd curl it for me. While I still consider that random woman to be the epitome of beauty, I put away the want of dreadlocks and didn't really think much about it again until recently, when I had a dream where the woman was constantly in the background, picking oranges off a tree.

I have never liked my hair. It won't be styled. When I curl it, it tangles, when I straighten it, it refuses to look silky no matter how much conditioner I've tried to get it to soak in. It's staunchly refused to be changed from coarse and "fluffy". I brush my hair out really well, and five minutes later, if I run my fingers through my hair I will be met with tangles and knots. When it gets to shoulder length and beyond, it's nothing but a rat's nest, and looks like crap. When I have them cut, the hair never stays in the style I have in mind, acting as if I'm killing it. On whole, it's its own monster and it hates me. After I cut it this last time, I immediately regretted it. I'd brought in a picture of a sketch I'd done:

What I left with was less than flattering:

I decided to let my hair do the dreading it wanted, pretty much two days after the cut. It's been two months since the haircut, and the smaller hair at the nape of my neck has passed the three inch mark, so right now my lovely sister and I are sitting in the living room. I have ten baby dreads, and my sisters arms are tired so she's sectioning out the rest of my hair so I can finish up the backcombing myself. Before and after pictures coming, of course. XD Can't wait until I become one of the dreaded masses.

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