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After seven and a half hours, my head is home to 44 baby dreads. Even after so much meticulous backcombing, there are some that are really loose and poofy. Since those are mostly towards the top and front of my head, I think that they're from dreading hair that wasn't all the same length. I've got crazy wispy ends, and ended up doubling them over and wrapping them. The rubber bands will likely come off tomorrow after I've done lots of palmrolling and palmrolling and more twisting and palmrolling. Definately more work on the ends. My dad laughed at me, but didn't make fun or say mean things. I think he just got a kick out of it, and he's used to it. When I was a teenager, I was the one out of the three of us who came home with random hair colors and piercings. He popped in The Crow and gave me some ice cream when my arms got really tired. There was one Jamaican dance club joke, but I forget it now. My roomate, who is a bit conservative surprised me. When I finally came home, she answered the door and said, "Oh... I didn't realize you'd look like Sideshow Bob.....but I think they're going to look really good when they lay down and start to grow." I had expected a lecture on how they'd make my job hunting harder, but apparently, she likes them! Woot!

I have to say, this is the first time I've bled for a hairstyle. During the backcombing, the comb kept slipping and jabbing under my thumbnail, making it bleed. I don't mind, I think that makes them more meaningful, because it's the most work I've ever put into my hair. I love them. When I pat them, they're fluffy like an afro and spring back up under my hand.

This is me, right before I took the shower to wash my brushable hair for the last time with some residue free shampoo. I also took a moment to put a shower cap in the bathroom just in case I absolutely HAVE to wash my body in the next week, which will be likely. My dog is stinky, and she likes to cuddle.

Of course, I also had to make The Moxy Face.

My copiously fat Bratwurst dog was giving me peculiar looks while I was gathering together stuff to take to my sister's place. I think she knew change was on the wind, but did she know just how much?

She did the first dread, with the hair at the nape of my neck. Little tiny baby dreads. They're my preemies!

This is about 5 dreads further along from where she got tired, the baby got fussy, and she sectioned off the rest of my hair for me to do myself. The rubber bands are only on until tomorrow when I can do some more work on the ends and then they come off for good. I also had a can of wax that I had bought before I found this community. We ended up using it as a paperweight to keep stuff flying everywhere while we worked. It was a windy day, but warm, so we had the windows open and lots of paper on the table. In return for her starting my dreads, I'm designing a tattoo for her. *thumbs up* Thanks to the memories here on GUDU, no wax on my babies!

Finally, when it was done, the front of my head. I think the front ones are going to give me the most problems, because the hairs in the sections were so drastically different from each other. So, they're loose, but at least they're easily seen and accessible for me to maintain and try and guide their craziness. I still love them, even if they're super poofy and loose. We'll git r done!

And here's the view from the back. I like the view from the back better than the front, but of course they've got a long ways to go. I'm looking forward to this journey so much, and I'm glad that I've got so much experience and knowledge in you guys to turn to. <3 I love how poofy they are right now. It's my Cheeto hair!
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