heather bo beather (peace0f_mind) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
heather bo beather

dreads in a bar.

at a nice little place in easton, pa, to listen to my brothers jamband, having fun with some silly drunk hippie boys. check em out on myspace. http://www.myspace.com/trickledowntheory1
there still a new band, but i think they have potential. and i have to enjoy them, as the guitarist is my brother haha.

i <3 hippie boys.

and i heart my dreads... im at 38 months now. and in luuuuuuuuv.

hope all is well in everyones little dread world.

oh and ps.

on the way home from said bar, stoped at a convience store and teh clerk was a big slightly afeminant black guy, who while i was getting my blue slushie drink, came up to me and said" oo i just cant resist! i need to play with your hair! ya dont see many white girls with dreads and ive always wanted to touch white dreads, ya know, see how they feel"
which made me laugh, shake my head and say go right ahead!

oh and also, at work teh other day, a couple came into my store, i do retail, and i had my hair tied back with itself and the guy just stoped and said "oh shit, rad!" and as usual, when someone makes that kind of comment, i automatically take my hair out and let it down. and when i did this time, he asked me to shake it for him, which i did, and which also made me laugh.

ive gotten alot of dread compliments lately, which make me feel good.
and keep laughing.
im a laugh slut.
as you can see in my pictures
//end rambling :D

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