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my baby dreadies

Well I've been lurking here for over a year now, occasionally noting here and there, and relgiously reading the memories :) Now I'm finally here with pics of my hair! this is my second set of dreads. I started my first one 14 months ago, and combed them out after just 3 months because i realized I'd made them too thin and they wouldnt stay together very well.

This set is 5 weeks old now. and completely wax and rubberband free! I put them in in 3-5 inch long hair, and they ended up as just little nubs lol. I also chose, after hours of backcombing the hell out of my hair and crocheting so they were really tight, to do a dread perm. I think it was a good choice since my hair is so short, the dreads would have washed right out otherwise. I also think the perm made them look much older than they are. There are a total of 37 on my head right now, however I figure that once my undercut grows out I'll be able to get another 8-10 dreadies out of that. So without further ado,

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