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Ignorant people

I've read through the memories, but I'm really surprised how few there really are on people being rude about dreads.

So, here's my deal:

I had my dreads done the day before spring break, they are now 8 days old. I was one of 3 out of the 80 that live in this dorm building that stayed all break. One of my...acquaintances returned last night and said "You're dreading your hair" I smiled and nodded. He then proceeded to tell me for about 10 mins how dreads are disgusting. I told him that I wash them, and in fact just had the day before. He kept talking like I hadn't spoken. Then told me he was kidding. But now everytime I see him he tells me how nasty they are.

I don't care if he's kidding or not, it's really irritating. I've told him many times that they are in fact very clean but he just carries on, totally ignoring the fact that I even spoke. This is the only person that has given me a hard time. All my friends are completely in love with them...I'll be sitting at my computer and they come up behind me and start rolling the dreadies I can't reach on the back of my's really sweet. Any suggestions on how to deal with someone that just doesn't care to listen..even if he IS kidding? Or am I just letting it get to me to much?

There they are! 8 days! ^_^ I'm in love.

Wow, so many replies! I step out for an hour and holy crap!
Thanks for the advice guys. I'll find a way to tell him to step off. I would tell him to suck my dick had I one for him to preform such an action.
Peace out ^_^
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