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Should I still try for dreads

I've been wanting dreads now since I was fourteen
I am now seventeen and growing my hair out for dreads
I've researched dreads for years and looked at the good dreads as well as bad ones and knew that i had to have them by next year for graduation
This week i made an appointment with a hairdresser in my city that does dreads
she killed my dream
she said that my hair is quite fine and would dread fine but my roots would have trouble locking and she wouldn't suggest me to get them
she actually recommended dreadFALLS
and I am not a fan of dreadfalls
So my question is
should i still follow my dream
she said there is a chance that my roots will lock
but there must be a method I could try to use
I've told this to all my friends and one of my friends had the same problem but she had dreads and nothing was wrong and so on

please comment with an ideas or experience
much appreciated

If I could have dreads I would still be waiting three months for longer hair

bad pictures but it shows my hair
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