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Crafteh Crafteh!

Woot! My babies are three days old today, giving me a little trouble with loose hairs, but I've been spraying them with salt water every day and palmrolling. Today I intended on using my Sunday to thread loose hairs back into the main dreads and spending lots of time babying them and tidying them up. I slept in, being a weekend, and woke to a call from my little brother that he needed a ride to his rehab meeting in about an hour and a half. I jumped out of bed, threw some clothes on and my baby dreads were raising the roof! ... Almost literally!


My little brother wouldn't have walked out the door with my hair like that, so, remembering jpclown's post here I grabbed a couple of skeins of yarn, my crochet needle, and jotted down the pattern really quick. I ended up changing the pattern just a little bit, mostly to take down the thickness of the band, and while I waited for Ryan to get ready for his appointment, I crotcheted. It only took about and hour later to make something that would keep my hair from defying gravity.



Also, I had a great conversation with my dad. When I walked in the house, he asked me to grab him a beer, and when I sat down, he was eyeing my hair.

"What's it supposed to be?" he asked. "Jamaican hair?"

"Dreadlocks, dad." I said, pulling a dread out of the mess of loose hairs, and showing him.

"Oh. See, I was thinking Bob Marley hair." he said. I laughed and explained that it would take a long time before it would ever look like anything resembling Marley's locks, but that yeah, that was basically what I was going for. My brother made a snarky comment about it when he walked by and my dad just patted my shoulder.

"You don't need to listen to him. It's your hair, so whatever you do with it, you need to be happy with it. Other than that, everyone can go to hell. I know it'll look fine later on when it finishes...whatever it's doing. But you know, I don't have time to be worrying about your hair. I'm too busy trying to keep mine from falling out."

I <3 my dad. Also, I was taking some pictures of some drawings I've been working on lately, and came across one I did in mid-2006 that I thought you guys might enjoy. Sorry that the quality isn't quite spot on. The lighting in the room isn't great, and when I inked, I made one of her eyes bigger than the other. TT_TT Oh well. Dread love!


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