throwingships (throwingships) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Sorry it's long, haha.

My dreadlings are finally a week old!
Boy, am I happy!

I read a post earlier about waineofark cutting off her dreads because they made her self-conscious (due to stereotypes). I can understand that, and I’m glad to hear you’re happier.
For me though, I seem to have the complete opposite effect.
I’ve always been nervous around other people. I can start freaking out in a room of people. I’ll be sitting there, silently, and looking around at everyone. I’ll be convinced that every single person in that room is scrutinizing me. I’ll be convinced they hate me. I get really anxious, my palms get sweaty.
On the streets, if people looked at me, I figured they were scrutinizing me again (because of my piercing).
And whenever I would visit some relatives they’d ask, “why can’t you just be normal?”

With dreads though, I don’t know what it is about them that just makes me feel great. I still get nervous, but not as much. I really get to thinking: “who cares? I don’t need these people if they’re going to judge based on my looks.”
I’m experiencing those few moments where I honestly think I look awesome.

Thankfully, my mom doesn’t nag me (she got use to it after the first lip piercing), my friends who know (about 3 for now) are generally excited about them.
My friend, Krissy, came with me to get my dreads. Now when we’re hanging out or on the phone, at some point she’ll just ask: “so how are the dreads doing?” and is genuinely interested/excited to hear about them.
Another friend of mine, commented on a photo of them.
My caption read (they were 5 days old): “Almost a week old! Dreads are still young & puffy, but the whole sticking out, sideshow bob thing is pretty much over with.”

My friend said:
“Awesome dreads!!
Are you going to start keeping a journey on your dreads?
Day 1...they stick out like sideshow Bob
Day 7...they are young and puffy
Day 15...they are just chilling
Day 27...I can bounce quarters off them lol, hmmm dunno if that can happen or not.
Day 30...they repel unwanted drama because dreads are cool like that and have secret powers.”

Sorry that was long (I figures it was worth a read). Anyways, photos!

this was taken after I washed them. I dried them for the most part. The only bit of my hair that was still wet was the ends (loose hair at the end).

P.S. How has everyone else's experiences been with dreads (on the whole makes me more self-conscious/confident)? ---I'm just curious.
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