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Extending my dreads...

If you are interested...

I’ve been through a lot over the last month with bipolar disorder, now I’m getting back on track and decided to give my locks a makeover as a present to me ^_^ So I thought I would share…

I bought a load of real hair extensions (18” prebonded nail medium brown from www.hairtrade.com), a couple of felting needles from ebay, and some bleach and SFX dye (atomic pink and blue). Dreads are 6 months old.

My dreads a few months ago (which have since shrunk into my head)…

I backcombed the hair extensions, cut off the keratine and very carefully felted them into my dreads quite far up, as I wanted to avoid too much slipping as they mature. I didn’t think the felting needles could do much when they first arrived, they weren’t as barbed as I had imagined. But I soon found out otherwise as they whipped my extensions into shape, lol.

Sorry about bad quality photos :s

Two original locks…

With extension…

I’m quite pleased with the result. At least they look like dreads now, before it was just a mashed up mass on the back of my head ^_^ I did like them before, but since it’s a turning point, its nice for a change.

What do you think?
How could I improve?
Did I do everything right?

My dog says hello! And she apologizes for not having dreads :)

I haven’t coloured my dreads yet, I might do that in a fortnight. Exciting!!
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