jpclown (jpclown) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

two weeks and one day -- oh and a big no-no

 I promised to post a pic of this... I used acrylic yarn this time, tho. I think it turns out better with cotton yarn...


Pattern -- I made a green one for yesterday. I posted the pattern before, but thought I'd post it again... Anyway....

They were so loose that I rebackcombed the top ones.. I know it says not to in the memories, but I couldn't deal with it anymore... Sooo I'm back at square one it seems...


I really did them so tight that it took TONS of length off (As you can tell, I didn't rebackcomb the under ones yet, tho...)

I hope they don't loosen up so much this time...


I just read a post where someone with 8 month dreads felt like backcombing... I guess it can be obsessive. I think I should just leave it alone this time. I sort of regret doing it, but they were getting so loose. There's no going back now, tho... If they are REALLY LOOSE should we really not backcomb?

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