Castro. (kill_me_laterrr) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

I've had OMGitchy scalp for the past few weeks and I finally figured out the problem--the dreads up front, right around my bangs, FINALLY started knotting. only they joined weird and started pulling my scalp all crazy and the tension was making me ITCHITCHITCH.
also, these dreads loved to grab up the bang hairs on the sides! but loosen hairs on top and add them there.
so, I was so frustrated with all this that I combed all the dreads that touched my bangs out.

it wasn't many dreads, maybe ten, but my goodness there was uh, a LOT of hair in there. So far I've got two of these cigar-shaped pseudo dreads. The brushable hair I've got left on my head is WAY more healthy than I expected it to be. I mean it's not awesome but it's not breaking off the way I for some reason expected.

only problem--now that I've started combing, I want to keep combing! i originally intended to re-section and rebackcomb all this hair, but I'm SOOOO tempted to just keep combing until I've got all my brushable hair back.

before I decide what to do, I have so many questions to ask you guys, if you don't mind!

1. i know the picture's horrible quality but if I combed out all my dreads do you think my hair's in good enough condition to keep most of the length? some ends feel a tiny bit crispy but mostly it's all soft and nice (surprisingly enough)

2. i'd keep 2 or 3 of my favourite dreads even if i did do the big comb-out. do you think I could use the hair I'm combing out to extend them, or is it to piecey?

3. I know some of you only have a few dreads mixed in with your brushable hair. is it hard for you to keep them from eating all the brushable stuff? anything special you do to avoid it?

4. i know you all hate this question and i know we're all biased, but do you prefer brushable-hair me or dready me? I hope I've posted enough pictures here over the 8 months I've hung around for most of you to know what I look like.

okay that wasn't as many questions as i thought i had.

i'm not just trying to make a whiny post or anything, so i hope it doesn't seem like that! i'd just really like you guys' opinions!
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