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So this is my first post.
I came across this community recently and after reading a few of the comments I WANT MY DREADS BACK!!!!

When I first came to college (3 years ago) I had completly natural dreads....basically from not combing my hair and swimming everyday (chlorine dried and matted it). They weren't great, but I didnt even try. AND I LOVED THEM. The only thing was that I was sick of random sketchy people coming up to me asking if I smoked. BOO to them! Well and I was trying to find a job. But anyway, one nite I randomly sat down and started combing them out. My friend and I worked on them for 16 hours straight! stopped at 7 30 am went to c lass, wow did it feel great to shower!

But now that I have read all of your posts I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN! and this time I wanna do it right. I just gotta wait til I grow my hair out!

Here is me before my full dreads I had some random ones:  

i guess thats a bad pic since I have a hat on...but im too lazy to scan in old ones right now :)

with Dreads:
IM really embarrased by this....

and then they just kept getting shorter and shorter and messy looking.

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