r3d_r3d_r053 (r3d_r3d_r053) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

In my last post, (yesterday) I mentioned how I tried a mix of saltwater and apple cider vinegar in my dreads.... and I'm fairly certain it worked!
At my roots I had a lot of really gross sticky spots (oil build-up, soap i was unable to wash out, etc), and now the majority of the stickiness is completely gone! Especially on the root of this one particular dread that was absolutely disgusting LOL, it feels clean now. =D
I'm super happy about that.

Basically what I did, if you're interested, was mix some apple cider vinegar (although I'm sure regular vinegar would do the same thing haha) with the dreadheadhq 'locking accelerator' i had (basically it's salt water), and totally drenched my head in it. I let it sit wrapped up in a towel for maybe about an hour, then rinsed it out as best i could. I'm going to rinse again today to get any excess vinegar out, but wow. my hair feels fantastic.
I'm sooooo doing this again sometime haha.

^_^ Cheers!
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