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i quickly skimmed the memories, but maybe i missed something.


how early is too early to do a little maintenance?

my dreads are only 4 days old, but theyre getting quite loose. i have so much frizz on the top of my head, my dreads are barely distinguishable. one towards the nape of my neck is almost completely undone. its rather upsetting as i spent so much time backcombing. maybe its because i sleep on them (im a very mobile sleeper.) or the fact that i wear loose beanies for work? any advice would be lovely.


i need to learn to swim (yes, at 19, it is rather pathetic.). would it be bad to wear a swimcap on such new dreads, so i dont drench my hair in gross public pool water? or would it be better to just let them roam free and rinse them after?

as a post script, im appeasing all the requests for more pictures.

day one:

day four frizzfest: my bangs are super oily.

the back of my head: the white dreads are my favorite.

and this picture, just because its more me than anything:
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