freaky like the daughter of a pastor (blackperson) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
freaky like the daughter of a pastor

That last post about shedding your dreads inspired me to write about why I got mine.

Mine came from the idea of natural beauty. For years I had perm after perm which raped my naturally soft hair into wire. And one really bad one made it all fall out.

So I just quit and let my hair grow out. It was hard because that in between stage almost made me go back. People had lots of comment about nappy/dirty/ugly hair that made me question my resolve. My own mother to this day desperately pleads, "As soon as you want a perm I will drive you there and pay for it myself!"

But as my hair grew out it became to change in the same way my personality was changing. It's become more than a hairstyle. Maybe this sounds dumb but I feel closer to myself and to nature. Maybe I didn't need dreads in order to reach that enlightenment but they were the way I reached myself and finally let go. Let go of fashions and all those ways of life that were consuming me while I tried in vain to fit a standard I wasn't meant to.

I'm a heavy set black female. I'm not meant for size 6. My hair was not meant to hang limp. I have curves and curls. And as easy as that sentence is to type, it took a lot of years and tears to learn.

Now I meet so many people now on the verge of dreadlocks who come to me and wondering if it's right for them. I just tell them to trust themselves.

One day I might cut them. No time soon, though. But if that change teaches me nearly as much as this one did, then I welcome it.

I think everyone should write about what made them get their dreads. I'm curious now...
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