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Round 2

I posted a few months ago with my first attempt at dreads, unfortunately i didn't take much care of my them very well, many fell out and then i decided i wanted bigger ones so i undid them (luckily they were still young and it only took 3-4 hours). I've been planning to re-do them for ages, but my friend who helped me with the first lot has been unavailable to help out. So, seeing that i got a 4 day weekend due to easter, and not much to do, i decided to try do them myself.

I started off trying to section it, but even at the very front I had trouble seeing what i was doing in the mirror. So I convinced one of my mates to section it for me, and he did quite well. I wanted to aim for roughly 30 sections, and we ended up with exactly 30. I then spent the next two days backcombing each section myself. Which was exhausting! After doing even one I had to take a break (I'm a programmer, so my arms are used to sitting comfortably on a desk all day, not being held above my head).

The back ones were tricky, I'm still not sure if they'll all hold together. They were the last ones I did, so i was kindof in a "just want to finish it" mood, so they didn't get the same treatment as the rest. However, from what i experienced, once i could no longer move the comb thru the hair it didn't matter how much fucking around i did they all turned out the same. I'll check them all again tomorrow morning and any that are loose i'll just take the comb to them again.

I'm gonna make sure i take care of them this time (no getting drunk and going swimming with baby dreads). I also think they'll have a better chance cause my hair is much healthier than it was last time. before my fist set, i'd been washing my hair once a day for as long as i can remember so my hair got really oily after a day of not being washed (i had reduced my washing for the few weeks before dreading but it didn't help much). After unlocking them i started using bi-carb to wash my hair, and It's not even anywhere near as oily now even after 5-6 days of not washing (which usually includes at least two afternoons sweating it up on bike rides). I'm hoping the larger dreads will lock up easier as well. It's definitely easier to palm roll them all (30 vs my first set, which had 50ish), altho the back ones I still find tricky.

Anyways, here's a few photos:

It's good to be dreaded again!
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