my lj name is not pick leg, its pickle g.... (pickleg) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
my lj name is not pick leg, its pickle g....

in response to balckperson's reguest to tell our dread stories, heres mine...
it started when i was maybe 10 or 11, maybe younger who knows. but it was when i first saw mister jones by the counting crows on mtv. and i knew thats the hairstyle i wanted. over the years my love for dreads grew and grew till i was in high school and seriously started to look into it. i came close to getting them my junior year (i had about shoulder length hair with a undershave) but desided against it to let all my hair grow out first. then over the next two years i grew my hair to be about 6 inches, cut it, grew it that long againg, trimmed 3 inches off, and then grew it back out again. and finally dreaded it with the backcomp method (no wax. dont dig the idea of useing wax) threw out the process of growing my hair i never comped it, just let it get increasingly more shaggy and potheadish. it was a very nature hairstyle. i half heartedly wanted nature dreads, but i knew my hair just wouldnt grow into them unless i grew me to about 11 or 12 inches then stopped brushing. it was kind of like i had dreads on the inside (you know like the classic punk saying, its not how big your hawk is on the outside its how big your hawk is on the inside). now that i have them on the outside i love it. i cant wait for them to get long (thats years down the road) my offical plan is to not cut them off till after college unless i can find a job with them (im going to be a teacher i belive, so it may be hard to find a job with them) i dont plan on ever trimming them either. im glad i started mine at the length idid, cuz from what i gather, grown dreads are much better then backcomped dreads, so when they do get long a much bigger majority will be grown and all natural. anyway thats all i got later kids...
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