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y stl m vwls gv thm bck


I just started my dreads on Saturday : ) It was... definitely a spur of the moment thing haha, I was looking at hair products in a store and just grabbed a box of rubber bands an' bought them and started dreading my hair the same afternoon. (I already like this decision better than my other sudden hair decisions, e.g. bleaching orangey streaks or cutting it super short...)

i like them sooner than i thought! What surprised me most, though, was my mom's reaction. she's the perfect picture of stereotypical asian mother: heavy accent, angry, obsessive about education and nutrition, thrifty, and conservative, hehehe. however when she first saw my hair all backcombed all she did was comment, "you're doing black people hair, aren't you." (another asian mother stereotype: slightly racist with everything) and when I nodded, went along her way. it was very strange, considering I have to argue with her about how I look every time I go out somewhere!

anyway, I just wanted to share that. no photos today but sometime soon! have a lovely day, everybody.

edit: and now she came in a minute ago and asked if she could touch my hair, and then left without a word after doing so... now I'm afraid this silence is due to some sort of evil mothery scheming ahaha.

another edit: okay, two teaser images for now :)


HAHAHA you have no idea how much i love that little antennae
p.s. i dont have some sort of cancerous growth coming out of my neck, it's a scarf.

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