Alina Katran (marka_start) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Alina Katran

hi guys! wanna share with you my last pix:
just me, music, train and my soft dreaaaadies =)

sometimes i think - gods, maybe i should cut them off and have juat soft nature hair, like most of girls has, dont be deterrent for some guys and hidebound people, BE EASIER, more faminine, tender....
BUT in the same time i realize that i CANT say goodbay to my dreadies!!not now. because thats not just a coiffure, i mean, not just a thing like hat or shoes, thats your lifestyle, your attitude if you want... so i stay with them )

sorry for  this bullshit

beatiful day to ya all !!

a little bit sad...

...but not for a longtime !!))

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