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Oh my god, I was thinking yesterday about this community and how I haven't posted since like July! My dreads were 1 year, 10 months old at the time, and now it's almost April and I've had dreads for 2 and a half years! Wooooah!

Remember, this was the beginning...

So in August I got my camera stolen. I was living in Santa Cruz, and some junkie homeless teenager broke into my car and stole my camera and pipe and a maxed out credit card, but not my wallet full of money. This was the last picture I ever took with my camera.

November, at Thanksgiving with my (ex)boyfriend and his parents.

December. I had just been arrested, so that's why I'm making that face, heh.

Also December. My (ex)boyfriend and I went to the Ferry Building in San Francisco, and I tried a raw oyster. And broke my 7 years of vegetarianism :(


February. I go to raves :D

March. I go to A LOT of raves.

Me and my friend Silver, with Jesus!

I'm sorry some of the pictures don't show my dreads as well as I would like. Since I am camera-less, I have to rely on other people to take pictures.

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