Sara (tuerlemartyr) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

I love my pets to death and i love sharing them, so heres the whole bunch!

lots of them, and more or less the backstory.

i recently moved to colorado from arizona, and had to leave my 3 month old puppy and my rat behind, heartbreaking to say the least, it only got worse once i got to colorado my 8 year old great dane died of cancer, my heart nearly broke into a million pieces, I'm okay with it, i just miss em. I still have my 18 year old cat and my sisters spooked out cat, so im still making it.

Sassy r.i.p.


at 2 months

a week before i left :[

the day she got a new home :[[[

Igby Von Gus-Gus

Tony Montana [spooked out.]

and Patch the old one.

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