Gabi the Otter Pop (gabizoidal) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Gabi the Otter Pop

it was a good night for dready sightings tonight in los angeles!

i saw one amazing gorgeous dready man at the coffee bean in beverly hills next door to the pottery shop i work at, waiting in line for the bathroom while i was scoping out the dumpster/taking out the garbage (awkward), then saw him sitting inside through the window. then i got stopped by a guy walking down sunset on my way to metal skool to tell me he liked my dreads and he told me about his 7 year old set. and many dreadheads inside metal skool as well, and then 3 more sets next door at the rainbow room when we were eating afterwards.... and ron jeremy was at the table next to us. i must've seen a good 2 dozen dreadies tonight.

we were representing full force in la today! whoo!
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