i've been fine disregarding my insanity. (bonesofwar) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
i've been fine disregarding my insanity.


i am an insane cat person and here are my babies!

this is mr. hungryman badoodle. he's a purebred silver-brushed persian and my boyfriend found him (actually, he found my boyfriend) about a year ago in the woods. he was all mangy and had wounds everywhere and my boy nursed him into the big fluffy butt he is now.

these are my boys. :)

me sleeping with no make-up, hungryman looking a little crazy..

and this is my baby nala. i found her outside of a pub last july. she's got an attitude and she causes a lot of trouble, but she's adorable when she does it. the first few pictures are from when she was a kitten and the last few are recent (from last christmas).

and last, but not least, my oldest cat niles. he's about 12 and he's getting sick so he probably won't be around for much longer. :( i only have one picture of him and it doesn't do him much justice because he's a really pretty cat. ahhh i love him so much.

sorry for the long-ass post, guys.
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