Liar Liar (soulfulfiend) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Liar Liar

alright guys, i swear im done posting every few days, but im in need of some serious help.

let me give you the run down:

i stopped brushing my hair probably about 4 years ago, i dont even own a brush anymore, but my hair does NOT tangle at all.

i backcombed my hair about a week or so ago into a full set of dreads and since then, ALL of them have come completely undone save one or two that are barely hanging in there. now i backcombed them pretty tightly, it took 6 hours and i dont have all that much hair. i went swimming (i know, bad decision.) and now my hair is completely tangle-free. this is ridiculous.

im looking for someone who would be willing to backcomb the back of my head for me, since its damn near impossible and i dont want them falling out again.

i live in southern california (oceanside, to be specific. im an hour away from mexico.), but im willing to travel a little. if youre willing to come down to help me, we've got an extra room you can bunk in.


day two or three or something:

day seven:

i hoping this isnt a hopeless situation.
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