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snip snip

So I got a little goofy with a pair of scissors and a curling iron....

So I was getting sick and tired of people asking me if my long bangs were un-dreaded dreads (the bangs were as long as some of my front dreads that come down to my chin, maybe a little longer...).  So I decided to cut my long bangs into short bangs, that look like REAL bangs and don't take away from my dreads =) So I went nuts at 1 AM cutting my bangs and this is the result....

Click any of them to make them bigger if you want to see my ugly mug =P

I'm quite happy with the results even though I look like I'm 12 again hehe...this is the first time I've had bangs in years, and it feels nice! I also wanted to show you all my new idea for a tattoo I'm going to get this sat. on my 22nd birthday! It's a koi fish, and as many of you know I'm a tattooing/piercing apprentice, so I'm having the woman I apprentice under do it for me! Let me know what you guys think, I'm going to put it on my left upper arm as a half sleeve, and orange is my favorite color! I love the story behind koi fish, if you don't know anything about them look them up! Awesome fish!  Anyway, here it is!

(also click to make bigger for detail)

I think its f-in sweet, I know it has nothing to do with dreads =[ sorry, but I wanted to share!
Also, to go with the theme of pets heres a picture of me and my kitty sleeping <3 her name is Shine (my other cat from back home in CT just past away last Tuesday while I was home on vacation, we had to put her to sleep, she was 17 and becoming incontinent due to kidney problems - I love her and miss her a lot)

I love my kitty so much, shes my lil buddy <3
Well guys thanks for reading, as always, leave me some love!
Peace and love to all you groovy souls!
P.S. My boyfriend and I are moving into a new house the beginning of May! It's going to be amazing! So many good things are happening...I'll post pictures of my art work soon, as promised!
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