Guro Marie (snesommer) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Guro Marie

I woke up this morning and needed a change. I often do that when things that are not so good happens in my life, it’s my way of putting it behind me and moving forward. At first I thought about cutting my dreads of, but then I thought that it would be stupid and that I would regret it for years. Then I remembered that my mum gave me some semi permanent hair colour not to long ago, so I coloured my hair…


… and cut my bangs.


Please do not pay attention to the "I just got out of bed"- look, 'cause I just got out of bed!


Whenever I take my picture in the mirror like this I always get at least one picture with this strange expression (se user-icon), I have no idea why, maybe I will make a time-line whit only those photos sometime in the future.

And one whit my dreads up!
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