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Pets and Dreads!

Hello all! This pet theme is fun! I would like to introduce Spike to all of you! He's a ginger tom and we've had him for a year but he's about 7 years old... I think. My other cat and dog live with at my mum's house along with my brother's african something or other frog named Mittens... don't ask, I didn't! Unfortunately I don't have piccys of them but I took some of Spike's face and my face today, and here they are!

I think he was mad at me for waking him for photos... He wouldn't sit still whenever I put my face near his... damn...

But can you blame him? All together now! ...1...2...3... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWHHHHH!!!! kitty...

Its been a rainy old day (and fortnight!), hence the photos and the fuzzies on my dreads. I figure in this weather they're only going to get fuzzier so I'm letting them do their thang. Its actually doing a lot of good as my roots are getting nicely matted.
 By the way, those wiggly bits are braids that I've kept undreaded cz its sooo much comfier with glasses. They usually look nicer, again, shit weather=shit hair...
I don't care though! I love my dreads!
I'm convinced I look like a tit in pictures when I smile... I'm not sure why... I'm not really this grumpy! Quite approachable really!
 Dreads! No face!

I quite like this photo despite it not making much sense...

And now, for good measure, silly pictures, pre-dreads, from when I was 15! 

I hope that this is a better post than my first and that you all get a kick out of my piccys. I just want to say thanks to all of you for the advice and kindness I've found in this community, I love it!
Happy Thursday! 

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