all horns and thorns (lotuspedals) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
all horns and thorns

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dreadlocks, round three.

dreading my hair for the third time. it's very liberating to know how much i like having short hair, so if i get tired of these, i won't be afraid to just chop them off. (although, hopefully, they'll last at least a few years.)

i'm dreading it little by little, kind of letting it begin to dread itself and then helping it along. in a few months, i should have a full head.

you can see my rattail! oh no! (it was my favorite from my last set, which i cut off almost a year ago. i couldn't bear to part with it, and it happened to be at the nape of my neck. so i have a rattail!)

dreadlocks, round 3

self, turquoise
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