Girl Roots. (untwo_trois) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Girl Roots.

First time poster in the community.

I'm Cat.

I've always been in love with dreads. I've never had the balls or the knowledge to actually do anything to give myself the only hair style I really do love. Now, after I fall into this community & learn & learn & learn & have the courage to say, "I want dreads, fuck what everyone has to say, I'm getting 'em," I'm working for a massive corporation who don't allow such things. That's fine, I'm going to find a way to have my cake & eat it to.
& I most certainly have. I figure that as long as it isn't a head full of dreads I'm okay. So today I went ahead & put two very lovely dreads in my hair. I'm so surprised at how much better I feel about myself from only knotting up my hair in two places, but that is in fact the truth. I was only going to do one, but then I was a little freaked out by the odd number so I threw a second one in to ease my anxiety. Now my sister & girlfriend have both said that they'll keep popping up in my hair until that's all I've got left. Sadly, that won't be the case. I love my job, so I'm going to keep it despite the strict codes they have, but I will also get my lovely dreads.

The beginning.[Ah, I love the red goldstone.]

Final product!

& of course pet pictures. This is Roxy.

Hale is the Calico, Wizard is the half-photographed gray Tabby. I have another cat, a torti, named Reese. & another dog named Bella.

Techno the turtle & dread #2. Eventually, I will name both of them.
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