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Theme post!

My dreads are 4 mo. old, and coming along pretty well!  i have gotten better about just letting them be.

Yeah, they're tiny, I have't counted them, but I'm sure there's more than a 100 there.  So, tiny dreads, represent!

I have wanted to lock my hair for a long time, so I am crazy proud of myself for going through with this.  Sorry if the photos are cruddy, the only camera I have access to atm is the one in my new laptop (issued by my new job, something else to be crazy proud of!)

jack, the puppy (10 mo)
HA! this picture cracks me up.


I used to style my hair a *lot* of different ways, including huge afros, braids, etc.  I was afraid that I would have fewer options if I locked my hair, and then I'd get bored with it.  That's part of why I opted for small ones.  four months in, I no longer think there's any chance I'll get tired of them. =)


Malthus, our kitty

Harvey, the old man (8 years)

Jack and Harvey

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